MFX Media Streaming Process

First Draft Community Group Report 19 May 2020

Editor: Smith, Sheri

Authors: Smith, Sheri

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Table of Contents

  1. Value
  2. Technology
  3. Innovative
  4. Values as a Team
  5. Record Labels and Rightsholders Benefits

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Streaming media is ever-changing in the world of online technology. It's evident that streaming development will continue to advance as consumers' expectation for on-demand entertainment grows.

MFX is the only media process that manages, tracks, and distributes online media content all in one network. This model permits content creators and rights owners the ability to group multiple songs and videos, as well as the option to preset the number of free and/or paid streams per group. The rights owner can easily assign custom rules from within the MFX dashboard. Upon completion of the predetermined stream limit, the user has the option to upgrade for additional access. Our global cloud network provides secure streaming with exceptional speed, providing an optimal experience for individual users.

Remote checks are done as your software calls home to MFX to validate license work, while simultaneously ensuring customer access is not interrupted, regardless of downtime.

1. Value

  • Provides record labels and rightsholders with real-time data and greater control while effortlessly sharing content around the world
  • Save time and money by streamlining media storage and content delivery
  • Give record labels and rightsholders the ability to determine their own monetization model, excluding gatekeepers and third party fees
  • Provide servers on the global cloud network allowing for a safe and secure connection

2. Technology

  • The audio/video file is broken down and added to our proprietary MFX file software
  • The MFX file software reads the player ID and user ID and sends it to the server
  • Our software decides if the file is allowable by the rightsholder

3. Innovation

  • Manage streaming media, and monitor usage in real time
  • Record labels and rightsholders set individual and group pricing structures for all streaming media
  • Share files with ease within our growing network of partners
  • Distribute media files worldwide instantaneously and conveniently

4. Team Values

  • We utilize our various talents and backgrounds to respectfully collaborate as a team to create and deliver the MFX solution
  • With diligent effort and teamwork, we have brought the streaming network to give full control to content creators and rightsholders

5. Record Labels and Rightholders Benefits

  • Secure cloud storage for entertainment media catalogs
  • Manage and track all of your media in one global network
  • Facilitate secure file sharing and streaming with remarkable speed
  • Ability to set your own pricing structure

The MFX media streaming process model provides solutions to known difficulties in the entertainment industry. At this time, we are in the final development for beta release in 2020