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New media file MFX is designed for the future!

A digital media file that is now intelligent.
A new media file format that has internal AI scripting which is in constant communication with the management platform, on its own decentralized global data network. Full management of the content and its distribution online is now easily achieved with the management tools.

Final development is well underway with Beta Release.

What is MFX World?

MFX World is a new streaming process which traditional media files become more intelligent.

What MFX World offers you

Complete Content Management

MFX World is the only media file that will manage, track and license your online media content.

Media Management Features

Supporting both local and remote key validation, remote checks where your software "calls home" to your MFX Platform to validate the license work in tandem with local keys to ensure that your customers access is uniterupted regardless of downtime.

Manage, track and monetize media content.

Media Content Management Dashboard

The MFX World Dashboard will enlighten you with its management control


Play and store media files directly with our free media player apps.


Global distribution of media files on content delivery system.


Manage media file streaming and monitor its activity in real-time.


Set individual and group pricing structures for media file streaming.

We have been working to develop new online media standards that will enhance the management of media content.

  The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.
  W3C standards define an Open Web Platform for application development which has an unprecedented potential of enabling developers to build rich interactive experiences.

  • Consortium-based governance is the best way forward
  • Standards-track process will force clear specification

  • Our Leadership Participation

    Our team members serve as members of the following W3C Community Groups.

    • Web Audio Developers
      Community Group

      The Web Audio Developers Community Group brings together hackers and developers interested in using the emerging Web Audio API. By providing community support on using the API and surfacing issues with the draft standard, it complements the work of the W3C Audio Working Group where the specification is being developed.

    • Music Notation

      The Music Notation Community Group develops and maintains format and language specifications for notated music used by web, desktop, and mobile applications. The group aims to serve a broad range of users engaging in music-related activities involving notation, and will document these use cases.

    • MFX Media
      Community Group

      A new digital media container technology that will serve the community with greater content management and control. The technology is growing at rapid rate, with the media being at the forefront. Building new respectable media standards will ensure transparency and accountability for decades to come.

    • Media Resource In-band Tracks

      This group will develop a specification defining how user agents should expose in-band tracks as HTML5 media element video, audio and text tracks so that Web applications can access the in-band track information, through the media element, in a interoperable manner across user agent implementations. Other media formats containing in-band tracks may be considered.

    • Web Media API

      Media web application developers want to deploy their content on a wide and heterogeneous range of devices and platforms, e.g. televisions, set-top boxes, and mobile devices. To ensure a smooth user experience across devices, these user agents need to support a minimum set of Web technologies that developers can rely on being supported.

    • Accessible Playlist

      The mission of this group is to develop a media playlist format, or an extension to an existing format such as XSPF, in order to ensure playlists support all resources necessary to deliver accessible HTML5 media (e.g., media files in multiple formats, captions, subtitles, descriptions, chapters, metadata, and sign language).

    • Credentials

      The mission of the W3C Credentials Community Group is to explore the creation, storage, presentation, verification, and user control of credentials. Our tasks include drafting and incubating Internet specifications for further standardization and prototyping and testing reference implementations.

    • Business Data APIs and Interchange

      Today, transmission of business data between software currently happens in the EDI format. This format is confusing, unreadable, and not publicly published. Many implementations are custom and involve high maintenance costs. The goal of this group is to define standards for transmission of various business data in a public, extensible, and humanly readable manner.

    • Blockchain Digital Assets

      The group's mission is to discuss and eventually create and propose Web Specifications for creating and using Digital Assets on a Blockchain. The groups primary activities will be to start discussions with regards to use cases of digital assets on blockchains and identify the issues that we have now. W3C Working Group to propose technical specifications related to creating and using Digital Assets on Blockchains.

    Collaboration is the key to success

    Our VITAL Partners and Alliances

    Music Data Network

    Music Data Network provides us with a global decentralized network spanning 5 countries and 9 cities. We utilize Public and Private cloud services.

    Music Factory Cloud

    Our direct to artist web platform as a service. We provide the basic website services up to complete content management and monetization service that meet the needs of the music community.


    Our technology incubator located in the heart of San Antonio Texas. The incubator is where we rely on its mentors and technical teams to help develop our technology and processes.

    Roadmap and Milestones

    Q4 2022 Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Q3 2023
    Planning Open Beta Licensing Cross platform
    Evaluation Audio Player Groups Mobile Apps
    Testing Video Player Distribution Monitzation
    Prototype Management Storage Reporting
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    Expected full release Spring 2022