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Grammy nominated rock band
hailing from New York, NY

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Our Discography

since the band’s foundation, Saving violet have released 5 albums.

The most recent releases include collaborations with other bands and performers as well as recordings of live shows that took place all over the world. Feel free to check the full discography on our site.

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Welcome to our website!

We are Saving violet, an alternative rock band from New york. Founded in 2008, we have released 5 studio albums and received multiple awards.

What began in 2008 as a hobby project of 3 friends, later became one of the most successful rock music acts. Today, the three founding members are still at the head of everything Saving Violet does including music production and tour planning. As of 2019, Saving Violet are Ann Smith (vocals & bass), Rob McMillan (lead guitar), Linda Johnson (drums), Edward Adams (rhythm guitar), and Rachel Williams (keyboard).

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Latest Albums

A New Dimension (2019)

Our latest album released on March 23, 2019. It features 12 tracks, 5 of which are collaborations with other popular Rock bands, such as Emerge, The Underdogs, and others.

Blue Sea (2018)

“Blue Sea” is our first acoustic album since the band’s establishment. Almost a half of this album was written and recorded during our tour across the USA last year.

The sky is the limit (2017)

This album is quite experimental for our band as it features not only our traditional style but also some elements of modern electronic music, which is new to us.

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Our Group Members

linda Johnson

Linda is one of the best drummers in the alternative rock scene. She enjoys singing so you may hear her vocals in our songs.

Rob McMillan

Rob is our lead guitarist and one of the band’s original founding members. He also writes most of our songs’ music.

rachel williams

Rachel is a “keyboard genius”, as we call her in our band. She can play even the most complex piano chords easily.

Ann smith

Ann has a unique voice and it’s not just a compliment. Her vocal range of 3 octaves is impressive, especially when heard live.